Endurance Strength Coach


Comprising multiple components including endurance, basic strength & maximal strength, of vital importance to all for a number of reasons…



An essential quality for ALL sports, power is influenced by a number of factors including neuromuscular efficiency and maximal strength…

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Training plans and Coaching options for Swimming, Running, multiple Cycling disciplines and Triathlons from Super Sprint to Ironman and Otillo racing



Training is one thing but optimising recovery and looking after your body is another. Understand how Flexibility and Mobility differ in the article.

Our Services

We offer a number of packages that cover Coaching (Online/Distance), Recovery & Bike Fit in London

Coaching Services

  • 1-On-1 Coaching Sessions for Strength, Rehabilitation and all Triathlon disciplines

  • 1-On-1 Session + Monthly Coaching Plan to ensure your programme is clear, concise & will be performed as intended.

  • Online Coaching via Training Peaks to plan, oversee and optimise your training

  • Power Profile / FTP Testing and other Performance Testing (Gym/Home based)

  • Coaching Excellence - Executive and Life Coaching, empowering you to take control and succeed beyond sport - leave frustration behind and thrive!

Mobility & Massage Therapy

If you train, you need to optimise your recovery from not only sporting demands but those encountered in everyday life.

We offer home treatments that go beyond massage alone.

Our Services Help:

  • Improve flexibility and mobility

  • Minimise injury risk

  • Manage existing issues/conditions

  • Guide you on how to perform flexibility and mobility routines in your own time

For Home Treatments and Corporate bookings click the link below to find out more

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Bike Fitting in London

With years of experience as a Bike Fitter in London, our experienced team also have degrees in Sports Rehabilitation and qualifications in Strength & Conditioning, truly understand how to achieve your optimal position.

Bike Fitting in London is available:

  • At your Home*

  • Within your place of Work using our Corporate Booking option

Contact Us today for more information and to schedule your Bike Fit.

*restrictions may apply